“The King’s Bed”

In Maths this week the children re-created the story of “The King’s Bed.” We were learning about measuring and having to use a standard measuring unit to ensure the King’s bed was the right size.

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After discovering that we could not measure the bed with our feet, the children used icypole sticks to make the King a bed of the right size, using a standard measurement tool.

Building Better Playgrounds

Term 4 Outline P/1/2

Prep/1/2                                                                                                           Term 4, 2014


Dear Parents,


Welcome back, we hope you had a good break and enjoyed the family time together! Term 4 is always a busy term and before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. Remember to take the time and enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

The children should now be independently carrying their bags to and from school and placing items where they belong in the morning.


What is happening at school this term?


This term we will continue with our overarching theme of ‘Sustainability’ with a focus on sustaining our history and how changes have occurred since the First Fleet.

We   will be focussing on:

  • Traditions        and Culture
  • How Australia        was discovered and settled.
  • Sustaining        our history and connection with the Aboriginal people.
  •   Food Pyramid comparisons between the   Aboriginal people / early settlers / our families today.
  •   Celebration of traditional food and dress.


Driving Question:    What is our responsibility as temporary custodians of the earth?.


In Religious Education we will be preparing for Advent and Christmas and focusing on preparing for the birth of Jesus

Discussion and sharing of experiences during times of waiting, such as the arrival of a new baby and family traditions associated with Christmas (Advent).



Our focus this term will be to consolidate the children’s comprehension of what they are reading and listening to. Our writing will focus on sentence construction, using simple punctuation such as a capital letter to begin a sentence, question marks, talking marks and finishing a sentence with a full stop.

The children will be consolidating concepts such as:

  • Reading for meaning and using expression.
  • Predicting a word by the initial blend / sound  and reading on to the next word.
  • Articulating sounds in simple and more complex words when reading and writing.
  • Using all letter names and sounds when reading and writing.
  • Breaking words into syllables when reading and writing.
  • Spelling in word families (e.g. day, play, stay)
  • Daily spelling journals that focus on the strategy of look/say/cover/write/check in order to increase students’ vocabulary. (Grade 1/2’s)
  • Writing in different genres, e.g. rhyming sentences, simple science reports, poetry.
  • Drawing timelines of Australian History

The Preps will continue to focus on the sounds and use onset and rime to spell new words. The Preps will be encouraged to articulate the sounds they see in reading and will be encouraged to articulate the sounds when they are attempting to write a word. Please continue to read to your child regularly and encourage them to read to you from the home reader and library they have chosen from school.

Our main focus for Oral Language this term will be to develop the children’s vocabulary, encourage them to speak in full sentences (tenses and speaking grammatically correct) and confidently verbalise their learning.


In Mathematics we are concentrating on multiplication (making groups of), adding, subtracting, division (sharing).  We are also covering chance and data, shapes, symmetry.  We will further develop problem solving strategies.

In the area of Number we will be focusing on: revision of the 4 processes, times tables (2X, 5X, 10X) in preparation for next year.


  • Creating number stories (eg: role play, use objects and draw      number stories from a shared classroom experience.)
  • Informal recording of division and multiplication.
  • Finding half of a group of items. (eg. Half of 20 pencils.)
  • Finding half an item or object. (eg. Half of an apple)


In the area of Space we will be focusing on:


  • Identifying and drawing simple 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Identifying, naming and using common terms to describe features of simple shapes and objects (eg. triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, trapezium, diamond (rhombus), pentagon.)

In the area of Chance and Data we will be focusing on:

  • Posing questions that will lead      to collection of data.                                                                                                Formally and informally collecting, classifying and recording      information through observation, grouping and counting and simple      tallying.                                                                                                                                                           Representing information on pictographs and block/bar graphs      incorporating a baseline and grids (hand drawn and/or generated by      computer software.)                                                                                                                         

Some important dates for this term: Please refer to the term dates in the news letter and the App.


Aside from the dates noted in the newsletter, the Junior school will be holding their Preparing for Jesus Mass on Thursday 4th December at 9.15 am in the Church.

Assembly will be on a Friday this term at 3.00 pm.



Looking forward to a busy, fun, productive term.


Yours sincerely,

Tricia McKinley, Georgia Amerina, Anne-Maree Noonan, May Cupido

Healthy Living Expo

Healthy Living Expo on PhotoPeach

Last Tuesday night the children shared all their wonderful learning about ‘Healthy Living’ with their parents, grandparents and friends. We had a wonderful time and the children confidently shared their learning.

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